Victory Show



The Victory Show is the UK's premier public show and 2AiE are proud to support it. 2AiE display alongside various other like-minded re-enactors and re-enactment groups to put on the most authentic display possible.


Our combined display with aims to provide a snapshot in time of the combat, and general procedure during Operation Cobra.


The main part of 2AiE's display consists of groups portraying Us infantry, manning halftracks, jeeps, mortars, and anti-tank gun. This shows 2AiE's ability and ambition to field various vehicles and pieces of equipment, as well as working closely with other quality living history groups, which we hope will further develop our strong bonds with such groups for future events.


Each of the involved groups are looking forward to the next event immensely, and serious planning for the display is underway, in order to give the most authentic experience possible. It promises to be a good one and 2AiE would like to thank all of the groups for their enthusiasm to work closely with us. If you wish to visit our display and discuss participation in future events, both in the UK and Europe, we will be by the destroyed hut near the battle arena.