STURMPANZER is a group of enthusiasts who specialise in the conversion of modern military vehicles into period WW2 German vehicles. We combine a host of skills leaving us with the finished replica’s that can be used in film work and WW2 military re-enactment’s.


We are one of the UK's newest and most easily recognisable military vehicle replica rebuild and re-enactment groups with 3 replica Stugs, 1 OT810/251c conversion and a host of smaller vehicles like SDKFZ 223 at our disposal for displays. We care passionately about our hobby and in preserving the heritage and memory of the vehicles and equipment of one of the most important events of modern history. We are trying to build the bridges between re-enactor and military vehicle enthusiast and as the founders of this group came from each of these backgrounds we understand and know what works to benefit both interests.

We have members ready to crew the vehicles in accurate, period uniforms. Reliable, experienced ex-Army track licence holders and are backed up with mechanics, craftsmen, enthusiasts and a whole host of willing helpers. We can also arrange transport at favourable rates. We will do our utmost to help each other take our mutual interests beyond what is already the norm on the scene today.



Sturmpanzer living history and re-enactment group portray the 1st SS Sturmgeschutz battalion under the command of Heinrich Heimann in Normandy 1944. The vehicles, uniforms, weapons and camouflage are represented as close as possible for the most accurate portrayal of this unit.

It must be made clear that this group is for the purposes of military vehicle replica rebuilds and historical re-enactment and by appearing at publicly attended shows and events it is our intention to show, explain and educate the public on a particular aspect of world history. We neither condone, encourage nor wish to glorify any political ideology, either existent or historical, and we distance ourselves entirely from anyone so doing.



Part of the current fleet consists of two replica stug3 version G’s bearing the names HEIDI and HELGA. They are the end product of many intensive hours of research and building. The basis of the replica builds for the panzer 3/Stug 3 range is the trusty British armyFV432 which is the closest match in length and width and running gear as current donor vehicles allow. The engines are lifted and repositioned to allow for the low cut profile of the WW2 tank hunter. Blueprints and a variety of schematics and 3-D diagrams are used to help with the design and manufacture of all panels thus allowing for the most accurate representation possible within the allowance of the donor vehicle.

The next vehicle that forms an integral part of the group is the OT810/251c halftrack called SOPHIE. We fully overhauled her in 2012 with the differential been fixed and a new clutch plate fitted and the air brakes have  been cleaned out too....with a new camouflage pattern, she is ready for the 2013 season. We currently have a SDKFZ 223 that is up for sale and will be going to events till such time


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