Save the Breakout 2019


In August 2019, 2AiE returned to Normandy to follow in the footsteps of the 30th Infantry Division in and around Mortain. It was in Mortain that the 30th held off four German Panzer Divisions totalling over 300 tanks during the Luttich Counterattack. The success of the 30th Infantry meant that the Germans failed in their plan to break through the Normandy beachhead and push the allies back to the coast.

2AiE were proud to recreate many of the engagements in and around Mortain to mark and remember the men of the 30th Infantry Division. Participants on the trip lived in the field for nine days, facing many of the same obstacles which faced the men of the 30th, creating an authentic experience for all. Throughout the trip, our every step was opposed by a dedicated and authentic enemy, compromising of groups from across Europe. In total Save the Breakout saw groups of likeminded people from over eight countries worldwide come together to remember the men of the 'Old Hickory'.


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