Public Shows/Educational


2AiE attend many public events throughout the year all over the UK including:


Wrest Park (Wrest at War)


Audley End (Soldiers and Spies)


Mapledurham (Mapledurham at War)


The Victory Show - Cosby


These are just some of the public events that 2AiE members have attended over the years, many of which are organised by English Heritage who host them at one of the many English Heritage sites or estates around the UK. . We aim to put on the most professional and insightful displays that convey to the public what life was like for those that fought during World War 2. Each public show is different, meaning that we portray a range of units, from 2nd Armored, to 101st Airborne. Public shows give 2AiE Ltd an opportunity not only to put on quality displays, but also to educate the public about life, events and the hardships faced by troops during World War 2. Our members give accurate and detailed informative speeches to members of the public, explaining what equipment was used for what job; how the weapons we use work and what living conditions were like. This helps us to ensure that the memory of all those who fought is not forgotten.

2AiE's latest show in September 2016 - The Victory Show - portraying 2nd Armored in preparation for Cobra Breakout 2017.