Cobra Breakout 2017


Cobra is 2AiE's latest tour, following on from our highly successful tour 'The Pursuit'. The Pursuit was the first tour of its kind in France ever, and due to its resounding success and high demand for another, Cobra was the next logical step. This page contains everything you need to know about the 2017 Cobra Breakout tour to the Normandy Bocage. Check here regularly for updates and the latest info about the tour.


The videos below show the areas we will be operating in during Cobra and the events that took place there:

Entry Forms Preface (Coming Soon)

Participants Entry Form (Coming Soon)

Personal Weapons Form (Coming Soon)

Vehicle Registration Form (Coming Soon)

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When the forms are released, please complete and return with the deposit to the address given on the participants entry form.

Latest Updates...

Cobra Breakout Bulletin No.1 is Here!

Bulletin No.1 for 2AiE's 2017 tour Cobra Breakout is here. Click here to download it, or visit our bulletins page.


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Cobra Postponed until 2017!

For Reasons beyond our control due to a request from the French Government, we have been forced to postpone Cobra 2016 until 2017. For a more detailed explanation, click here.