Affiliated Groups

2AiE work with many like minded groups, with the sole aim of recreating the events of WW2 with the highest level of authenticity in order to experience what it was like for the men that fought, and to keep their memory alive. Many of the groups we work with not only participate in 2AiE tours, but also work closely alongside us at public events and are far from being just 'affiliated', instead being more a part of the team.

Liberation Task Force

Liberation Task Force are the premier tour liaison company with over 30 years experience, that allow commemorative tours to take place by acting as a liaison between government officials collectors/re-enactment groups such as 2AiE.

116th Panzergrenadiers

116th Panzergrenadiers is a Dutch based German re-enactment group, offering a different perspective to re-enactments.

US 1st Infantry Division LHA (The Big Red One)

The US 1st Infantry Division LHA are a UK based re-enactment group that portray the 16th Infantry regiment of the 1st Infantry division. 2AiE have worked closely alongside The Big Red One for many years, with us both sharing a commitment to honour those who fought during World War 2 by accurately and authentically portraying their experiences. 

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U.S Field Kitchen

The U.S. Field Kitchen 'Jimmy Chow' joins us on many of our events, feeding our members from the back of their authentic field kitchen. 


Sturmpanzer convert modern military vehicles into period WW2 vehicles. We have worked alongside Sturmpanzer at events such as the Victory Show.

Les Lufteaux LHG

Les Lufteaux LHG are a French re-enactment group portraying the Luftwaffe soldiers that fought during World War 2. Les Lufteaux were one of the many professional groups to join us on Cobra Breakout 2017.

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