About us...

2AiE was setup in order for us to carry our hobby over to mainland Europe. The group comprises of various armored vehicles and dedicated infantrymen, portraying various US Army/Armored units of World War 2.


Our members have been key organisers of 'big tours' to mainland Europe since 2000, visiting countries such as Holland, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium. Each event we do focuses on following the paths of the units we are portraying as accurately as possible, giving our participants the most authentic experience of life for the men whose memory we aim to preserve.


Another aim of ours is to educate the public about the sacrifices made by those men during World War Two and to give them an insight into life during the war. Public shows, many of which are run by English Heritage, give us this opportunity to educate and inform the public, ensuring that the memory of the men that fought is never lost. Our fully trained and qualified pyrotechnics team enhance the effect of our tactical battle experiences at both private and public events, using improvised, safe explosions that add to the atmosphere and the experience.


We also organise and take part in tactical battles, open only to re-enactors, that aim to give participants a taste of life in the field with real axis opposition. Tactical battles provide the same type of experience as our tours but over a shorter period of time and right here in the UK.


2AiE Ltd is always looking for new members who are looking to authenticaly recreate the events of WW2. If you are interested in joining us on an event, see our Upcoming Events page anc contact us via our Contact us page. We hope to see you on an event very soon!

Pip Park Private Tactical Battle

The Victory Show

'The Pursuit' 2014 European Tour