116th Panzergrenadiers 'Der Windhund'


3./Pz.Gren.Rgt.60- Der Windhund (NL)


'Der Windhund' is a Dutch re-enactment group portraying the late war German Panzergrenadiere in ´44-´45, from Normandy to the Ruhr.

After an experiment that lasted for several years in the Netherlands where it was tried to portray the German occupier in a responsible way, Der Windhund was formed to put down the regular German soldier as correctly as possible in all his aspects.


So many years further and so many things got more detailed from manners until tactics and from uniforms until their gear. Even sleeping and eating like the soldiers back in the days became a normal thing in our group.


The members try to get a glimp of what the soldiers had to endure in the last years of the war and get their contentment out of that experience. "War wasn't fun, war is hell!" and that's also the message we want to bring the people who follow us on social media and to public that visits us on events.


If you are interested in more images of our group, just browse through the albums on our Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/derwindhund/timeline